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Circles of Mercy, Hope and Hospitality
Cirlcles Of Mercy a Center for those in need, particularly women and children.

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Sister Patricia Houlihan, former Member of the Circles’ Board of trustees was featured in an article that appeared in the Albany Times Union where she talks about her volunteer work in the emergency room at St. Peters Hospital in Albany. read


Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas President Sister Pat McDermott, RSM (right) poses with Richard Zazycki, Circles Executive Director (left)

Board of Trustees

Judith L. Dougherty, Chair
Janice A. Labas-Lucht, Vice Chair
Reverend John J. Bradley
Sister Nadine Farnum, RSM
Sister Eleanor C. Guerin, RSM
Stephanie M. Hutchins, PhD
Sister Patricia A. Lynch, RSM
Sister Jude Kapp, RSM, Ministry Liaison

Corporate Officers

Richard S. Zazycki, Pres/CEO
Kathleen G. Pingelski, Vice President
Jack M. Sweeney, Treasurer
Candice M. Brady, Secretary


Executive Director Richard Zazycki greets members from the Mercy Northeast Sponsors Council during their group visit to Circles of Mercy:

Circles of Mercy

Circles of Mercy

Circles of Mercy
11 Washington Street
New York 12144
ofc 518-462-0899   fax 518-462-2892


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